Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Friday was my big 24th birthday!!! It was absolutely one of the best birthdays I've ever had!!!! I was completely spoiled by my hubby! I woke up early that day for some reason and let the hub sleep because he had worked the night before. I got up and played with my adorable babies and started getting ready for the day. I went into to town with my hub and we met up with a girlfriend of mine and she had made me a yummy cake! Let me tell you it was soooooo good! Then after that I met up with another girlfriend of mine and we went out to eat! Oh boy was I hungry!!! We finished just in time to hurry up and get home to get all of the things we needed to go see the AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT!!!!!! That's the birthday present from my mom! Thanks mom!!! Ok so, here goes! I will try to remember as much as possible...

So we got to the BOK center! I was sooooooo excited to be there! Obviously my hubby was just as excited... right??

The concert went in order from the first to get kicked off the show to the last! First up, Michael Sarver! He was actually really good! I was extremely surprised! I wasn't his biggest fan when he was on the show but I will say he sang very well. His set list was only 2 songs long, but he came back later...

Next up was Megan Joy! She was also very good. I really liked her from the show so it was cool to get to watch her perform. She was pretty funny also! If you are a fan of the show then you may remember how she did the "caw"ing noise after she sang her song "Rockin' Robin". Well, guess what?! She did that after her set was over! It made me laugh so hard! It was so hilarious! She sang 2 songs but also came back for the group song! She, of course, looked gorgeous! She wore the CUTEST pair of hot pink shoes I have ever seen!

So after Megan went, Scott-the blind pianist sang and played! He just absolutely amazes me! He seems so full of life and seem so sweet! He can play the piano sooooo well!! I was really happy to get to see him. He was also one of my favorites from this season.

There's 2 pictures of Scott just because of his awesomeness...

After Scott came Lil. I seriously DO NOT like her! I never liked her on the show and I didn't like her live either... That sounds mean but for some reason she just annoyed me really bad. I will include a picture of her tho... This is the only picture I got of just her...

Then there was Anoop (aka Anoop Dawg). That's what Randy and the annoying loud mouth sitting behind me called him that is... He surprised me also and sang pretty well! He got the crowd going and did some pretty horrible attempts at busting a move (aka dancing). It was actually really funny to watch! He thought he was doing great moves but really he was just giving the crowd a good laugh! Well, he was giving me a good laugh anyways. I'm pretty sure everyone was screaming... Anyways, here's Anoop!

After Anoop entertained me with some funky moves, Matt came out... OH Matt... he's so great... I really loved Matt this year. He was VERY talented and VERY handsome!! He also plays the piano and is amazing! Before he come on Idol he was working at a dueling piano bar! Obviously very good! Anyways, he sang some amazing songs and pretty much killed it! I was even more impressed with him live than on TV.

Well, there you go! That was the first part of the show. Then there was intermission! I took pictures because I was bored. My hubby only took one picture with me...

And then he was done taking pictures. He said one was enough... I think by this point he was already sick of my girly screaming! Oh well! I was having a blast!

HERE'S MY TICKET!!!!! I was so excited!!!

Well, this is the first part of the night! SOOOOOO much fun! The rest of the night will have to wait til next time because that is where I will go into detail about the top 4! Lots of pictures to come!!! Adam and Allison were my TOP 2 FAVS!!!! The last part of the show was MIND BLOWING!!!!! The whole night was a blast and I can't wait til a certain Idol comes back headlining his own tour... That will be prolly the best show EVER!!! YOU ROCK ADAM!

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