Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last Friday was my big 24th birthday!!! It was absolutely one of the best birthdays I've ever had!!!! I was completely spoiled by my hubby! I woke up early that day for some reason and let the hub sleep because he had worked the night before. I got up and played with my adorable babies and started getting ready for the day. I went into to town with my hub and we met up with a girlfriend of mine and she had made me a yummy cake! Let me tell you it was soooooo good! Then after that I met up with another girlfriend of mine and we went out to eat! Oh boy was I hungry!!! We finished just in time to hurry up and get home to get all of the things we needed to go see the AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT!!!!!! That's the birthday present from my mom! Thanks mom!!! Ok so, here goes! I will try to remember as much as possible...

So we got to the BOK center! I was sooooooo excited to be there! Obviously my hubby was just as excited... right??

The concert went in order from the first to get kicked off the show to the last! First up, Michael Sarver! He was actually really good! I was extremely surprised! I wasn't his biggest fan when he was on the show but I will say he sang very well. His set list was only 2 songs long, but he came back later...

Next up was Megan Joy! She was also very good. I really liked her from the show so it was cool to get to watch her perform. She was pretty funny also! If you are a fan of the show then you may remember how she did the "caw"ing noise after she sang her song "Rockin' Robin". Well, guess what?! She did that after her set was over! It made me laugh so hard! It was so hilarious! She sang 2 songs but also came back for the group song! She, of course, looked gorgeous! She wore the CUTEST pair of hot pink shoes I have ever seen!

So after Megan went, Scott-the blind pianist sang and played! He just absolutely amazes me! He seems so full of life and seem so sweet! He can play the piano sooooo well!! I was really happy to get to see him. He was also one of my favorites from this season.

There's 2 pictures of Scott just because of his awesomeness...

After Scott came Lil. I seriously DO NOT like her! I never liked her on the show and I didn't like her live either... That sounds mean but for some reason she just annoyed me really bad. I will include a picture of her tho... This is the only picture I got of just her...

Then there was Anoop (aka Anoop Dawg). That's what Randy and the annoying loud mouth sitting behind me called him that is... He surprised me also and sang pretty well! He got the crowd going and did some pretty horrible attempts at busting a move (aka dancing). It was actually really funny to watch! He thought he was doing great moves but really he was just giving the crowd a good laugh! Well, he was giving me a good laugh anyways. I'm pretty sure everyone was screaming... Anyways, here's Anoop!

After Anoop entertained me with some funky moves, Matt came out... OH Matt... he's so great... I really loved Matt this year. He was VERY talented and VERY handsome!! He also plays the piano and is amazing! Before he come on Idol he was working at a dueling piano bar! Obviously very good! Anyways, he sang some amazing songs and pretty much killed it! I was even more impressed with him live than on TV.

Well, there you go! That was the first part of the show. Then there was intermission! I took pictures because I was bored. My hubby only took one picture with me...

And then he was done taking pictures. He said one was enough... I think by this point he was already sick of my girly screaming! Oh well! I was having a blast!

HERE'S MY TICKET!!!!! I was so excited!!!

Well, this is the first part of the night! SOOOOOO much fun! The rest of the night will have to wait til next time because that is where I will go into detail about the top 4! Lots of pictures to come!!! Adam and Allison were my TOP 2 FAVS!!!! The last part of the show was MIND BLOWING!!!!! The whole night was a blast and I can't wait til a certain Idol comes back headlining his own tour... That will be prolly the best show EVER!!! YOU ROCK ADAM!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My First Book Choice!

So as I said before, I have joined this book review blog and for my first book I have chosen...

It says that after reading this book I should have a better understanding of my husband! I'm still not sure if this is even possible seeing as we've been together for 4 years and still have no clue. Yes, I do realize that compared to other people who have been together for FAR longer than we have that 4 years seems like nothing, but that's all I've known him for so obviously we're still learning. Hopefully this book will make the learning process a bit easier and faster!!

The author Paula Rinehart says this book should help with:

* how men think
* why they do what they do
* what they struggle with

I guess once I finish the book I will know, but right now I'm a bit skeptical...

New Book Blog!!

Ok, so today I got an e-mail from my mom-in-law and she told me about this book club that sends you books to read and all you have to do is write a 200 word review blog about it!!!! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to start reading all of these books they send me! I hope it works out and they send me awesome books bc this might be really fun! Anyone interested can go to http://brb.thomasnelson.com/join . Thanks Kimm for sending me the link!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July fun!!!

Oh boy! The 4th of July is my hubby's favorite holiday!!! He is a total pyro!!! We always have lots of fireworks and just go crazy for this holiday. This year was so fun! We went over to a friends parents' house. This particular friend is from the Ford club that my hubby is a part of and also one of the "founders". He absolutely LOVES Fords! So much that he started a club with one of his friends! Anyways, we went over to one of the guys' house and all the guys-started out with 3 guys and ended with 5- just started blowing up things! They were blowing up fireworks, homemade bombs, and pesky tarantulas. Of course they were typical boys and threw firecrackers at each other... and me! I was not too happy about it but they sure got a good laugh about it! The nurse in me is very afraid of the large amount of fire that goes on during the 4th's festivities. I am a nervous person and I'm always afraid that someone is going to get badly hurt so when the boys are acting stupid and throwing fire at each other of course I get a little scared. Well, this year I was the one to get hurt. I was lighting a sparkler for a friend because the lighter kept burning her. Well, when the sparkler finally took it exploded on the side of my thumb. OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I threw the lighter out of my hand and it hit the car behind me. It hurt so bad!!! What's bad is that I am already a TOTAL baby about pain. I usually don't cry but I complain ALOT about how bad it hurts! It was driving my hubby crazy! I drove him so crazy that he told a VERY embarrassing story about me which gave the boys the idea to nickname me 'Strumpet'. I will not go into the story that he told because if I didn't want the group of people that I hang out with to know I certainly don't want to post it on here!!! Anyways, the day was absolutely awesome and I had so much fun. I met and hung out with a really cool girl, Alicia and I was surrounded by some of the most hilarious guys I've ever met! I wish I had pictures but I forgot my camera so I have none!! Bummer...

Monday, June 29, 2009

My little "Monster"

Well, just a little update on the new addition to my family! You know, the dog that was "supposed" to be a foster dog?! We haven't heard from the family that was possibly going to take him so I think he is officially my new little baby. I love him soooooo much and I love that he is now a part of my family. I couldn't bear to give him up now. I really hope that the family doesn't decide to take him now or in the next few days. It would totally break my heart...

Well, needless to say, as you can see from my post title his nickname is "Monster". He lives up to his name that's for SURE!!! He drives my other 2 babies absolutly crazy! He's so full of life and such a puppy! It really is hard to take care of a puppy! He really can be sweet sometimes, but sometimes he is such a little butthead! He really loves his new mommy though.

Over the last 4 days daddy hasn't been home very much so all 3 of the boys and I have had some great bonding time. I love my dogs as if they were real children. They are my real children at this time in my life and I'm so grateful to have them. We all love to snuggle on the couch and Charlie (aka Monster) loves to lay on my tummy! That's his favorite new resting place. That or the nearest pillow. It was so funny the other day we were snuggling on the couch and I layed him on his back in my arms, like the little baby that he is, and he fell asleep! He started dreaming and made this funny little noise with his mouth. It sounded like he was smaking his lips and when I looked down at him he was smacking his lips and sticking his tounge out at the same time. OMG!!! It was the MOST adorable thing I have ever seen- see picture below, hehe!!! Oh man I have the sweetest babies alive... He is such a sweet little man and he is really having fun being in a loving house with other dogs to play with. He has taken over the floor vent in my living room. My Bear doesn't really like that because that was his favorite spot but he likes to share with his brother. Elliott is still warming up to the idea of having a new brother but it took him awhile to get used to Bear when he came home.

Here is Bear and Charlie kissing! hehe! I know they are both boys but they are brothers so its completly ADORABLE!!!! One of my favorite pictures of all time!

Here is a picture of my Bear and Charlie and I snuggling on the couch. I love my life...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's HOT!!!! All three of them... Enough said :) I may have to go buy the book again, just for this cover... Eeeeeeeee!!!! I can't wait for the movie!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My new foster puppy!!!

Charlie's his name and playin' is his game! Oh boy! I forgot how much work it is to have a new baby puppy! It's so worth it but boy am I tired! Ok, here's the little man's story!

Some time last week my mom notify's me via facebook about this sweet little puppy that was running around in the street. She was on her way home from work and the little guy ran out in front of her and she almost hit him! YIKES! So she stopped and made him get out of the way and while she was doing that the lady that owned him came out and asked my mom if she knew anyone that wanted to take the little guy home because she just couldn't keep him any more. She said that he just keeps running out in the street and she just knows that one day she's gonna wake up and he will be flattened out in the street. She also said that she cant stop her toddler from running after him in the street! My first thought was "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS LADY? SHE CAN'T KEEP THE DOG IN HER FENCED BACKYARD?????" Then my next thought was "HOW IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR CHILD OUT OF THE STREET?! YOU ARE THE ADULT AND YOU CAN RUN FASTER!!!!!!!" Needless to say it made me really mad. I told my mom that I would talk to my hubby about it and I would let her know soon.
I talked to him as soon as he got home on friday night! I gave him the sad puppy dog eyes-which usually he can ignore- but for some reason he gave in. He said the only way we could go get the dog is if I promise that I will find a good home for it. I said "I already found a good home for it! Right here!!!" He was not pleased with that answer!! Well, he felt bad for the little guy and on Saturday night we went to my mom's house and got the little baby! It was love at first sight for me! I LOVE HIM!!!!! He is just so precious! He's a rambunctious little guy. The lady said his name is Charlie. I love that name and I don't even know why!!!
Anyways, we took him home all the way back to Tulsa and he was just as crazy in the car as he was outside! Oh, he was just so sweet! When we got home my other babies didn't think he was so sweet! As a matter of fact they didn't really like him at all!

That is the whole gang! My Bear (back), my Elliott (middle) and up front and center is Charlie!!!
My babies are having fun but they still don't really know why he's in our house. They give me looks that say "Mom, when is he leaving?" My boys can give some really pitiful looks lemme tell ya. They are very spoiled and they get lots of attention so they are definetly ready for the little man to go back where he came from. They don't think that we give them enough attention as it is, but now that the puppy is at the house they are really feeling attention deprived! Seriously though, they are getting alot of attention even with Charlie there. They are probably getting more attention than normal because I don't want them to fell left out.

That is my Bear and Charlie playing in the living room. Bear likes to play more than Elliott...

That is my Bear trying to figure out what that little monster is doing!!! He's probably up to no good!!!

Here's the little man getting some water after playing soooo hard!!! I love my little guy! I hope that he will stick around for awhile. I'm afraid that I will have to give him away to another home soon....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, I need to vent...

I have a problem... I don't really know why it's so hard for me to be friends with girls but it just is. When I was in high school I always hung out with the guys and we always had alot of fun. Girls are just so "catty" and annoying. They start fights for no reason and they are so judgemental- yes I am also. Well the judgemental part, I try not to start fights for no reason although it does happen from time to time. Anyways, when I befriend a girl it really means alot to me because she's usally really special to me. Well, I became friends with a girl a couple of years back and we were pretty much inseparable for about a year. We always had so much fun and what's even better is that my husband and her boyfriend got along extremely well! They are still very good friends! Well her and her boyfriend started to have some problems last year and basically she screwed up our friendship by trying to blame me for her and her fiancee breaking up. I should have known that our friendship was too good to be true. We went without talking for a couple of months- and in that time her and her BF got back together. Then one day she texted me to tell me that her dad was very sick and almost died. Isn't it funny that when your not friends with someone for a long time that when they "need" you they show up and expect everything to go back to the way it used to be?! I was the usual supportive friend even though I had my reservations. We decided to try to be friends again after about a month after that- after our significant others had been pushing us to be friends again. I still kept my guard up because I didn't want to be hurt again. It's a good thing I did because she started acting like a crazy person again! So finally her fiancee broke it off for good this weekend. She's trying to get sympathy from me when in reality the relationship should have ended a LONG time ago. I have become friends with her ex- BF in the time that we had been friends and now I'm stuck trying to support him with nice words. That's not necessarily the problem though. The problem is that she's still talking to me and trying to get me to give her advise. I'm trying to be nice and tell her how I feel about everything and it's coming off as very mean. I don't want to be mean to her- even though I really should- but i just can't. I'm saying very nice things to her but there's only so many nice things to say to someone who wont' listen to my advise. I don't really know what to do at this point. I guess I will just sit back and try to be supportive to both...? I hope this doesn't come back and bite me in the butt. I also hope that I can continue to be a nice person but I feel like my niceness is running out... Ok enough venting!
I also just want to give a shout out to my girlfriends (Sarah and Toni) that are always there for me. I love that God has blessed me with such beautiful friends, inside and out. I don't have many friends but the ones that I do have are amazing and I couldn't ask for better people in my life. I am so lucky to have you guys! I love my girls!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love the True Blood books,but what's going on with the show???

Ok so I LOVE reading! I also love to read books that also have a movie or a show that go with them. What I don't love is when books and shows/movies don't match at all! It drives me crazy! I fell in love with the show True Blood on HBO last year. It is sooooo good. I just finished reading book #7 and so far there is 9 books in the series. The second season of the show started on Sunday and I'm going nuts because the show doesn't match up with the book! AHHHHH!!!! I really like knowing whats going to happen next but with this show I have no idea! I just wish that when people say they are going to make a book into a movie or a show then they would stick to the basis of the book. Don't get me wrong, the show is really good but the only thing they have in common is the names of the characters! Anyways, if u love to read, or if you love to read about vampires, the series is called Sookie Stackhouse series/the Southern Vampire series/True Blood series. I highly recommend reading these books... OH and of course, read Twilight! Its all awesome and amazing! I love to read!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My beautiful friend...

I am going to the airport today to send off a very good friend of mine. I'm so sad that she is leaving to Alaska for 18 months! Her and her husband had a baby a few months ago and I will meet her for the first time today! I can't wait to meet her and see my friend. I am very sad that I will be seeing her at the airport and we really won't get to hang out for long... Toni, I just want to let you know that I will miss you like crazy! I love you so much and I can't wait for you and your family to get back home for good! I hope the next 18 months goes by very quickly! Can't wait to see that sweet little girl of your's. She looks absolutly adorable! Anyways, I will see you soon. Love ya!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A little bit about me!

Well, I have been married for 2 years now. We were married on June 2, 2007. We had our first date 4 years ago yesterday (june 11, 2005). We have 2 BEAUTIFUL dogs, Elliott and Bear. They are labs and they-along with my hubby- are the loves of my life.



My boys

I also have 2 rats-Kate and Chloe. They are so cute! They used to be very lovable but unfortunatly they are not so lovely anymore. They like to bite-especially my hubbys ears. So now they run and play in their very large rat mansion!
Kate (left) and Chloe (right)

We also have a hamster named Fuzzy. He is probably the WORST animal I have ever owned in my entire life! He is a little monster and has been since the day we bought him. My hubby just HAD to have him. I have regretted it since the ride home the night we got him. He was in his little box that the pet store put him in. I kept feeling a strange movement on my lap and I looked down at my lap and I saw a little face looking at me from the side of the box! I started FREAKING out and telling Roy "He's trying to escape!!! What do I do?!?!?!?!?"

Roy- "Just put your hand over the hole!"
Me- "No he will eat my hand off! Look at how big the hole is!"
Roy- "No he won't! Stop freaking out! I don't know what to do!"

So, of course, I continued to freak! He's supposed to have all the answers right? So long story short, I found a piece of paper and put it over the hole. I knew from that second it was a VERY bad idea to bring this animal home. We did anyway.


Then there is my hubby and I. His name is Roy. He truely is the love of my life! Yes we have arguments, oh just about everyday but I love him more than anything! We met a little over 4 years ago at the muskogee renaissance faire. He was the actor named Timberjack Jack. He was Scottish and let me tell you, it made me a little weak at the knees to hear him talk in that accent. I'm a sucker for accents anyways, but he really got me. He was just so cute and sweet and he ran up to me without even knowing me and said "Come play jump rope!!". I was thinking "What a freak!". He worked in the Children's realm so he was the one who played games and of course, watched his beloved home, the treehouse.

That, of course, is not my hubby but that is the place we met! The most beautiful treehouse in the world. Well, i think it is :). We still love going to ren faires. It is really alot of fun! I'm hoping that one day he will act in it again. We do not have any plans for kids at this point in our life but hopefully in the future. We are very happy with our 4 legged "kids". Well, that is all for now. That was definetly long enough...

My first blog...

Ok so i have never even tried to blog IN MY LIFE! I really don't even kno why I'm doing it?! I think it's because i have so much fun reading other people's blogs that I think and hope people will have fun reading mine! I didn't even know what a blog was until my friend Sarah told me about them! SHOUT OUT TO SARAH! BTW check out her blog http://adventuresbysarah.blogspot.com/ Love you girl! So anyways, I'm hoping that i can find interesting and funny things to say on here... We will see!