Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July fun!!!

Oh boy! The 4th of July is my hubby's favorite holiday!!! He is a total pyro!!! We always have lots of fireworks and just go crazy for this holiday. This year was so fun! We went over to a friends parents' house. This particular friend is from the Ford club that my hubby is a part of and also one of the "founders". He absolutely LOVES Fords! So much that he started a club with one of his friends! Anyways, we went over to one of the guys' house and all the guys-started out with 3 guys and ended with 5- just started blowing up things! They were blowing up fireworks, homemade bombs, and pesky tarantulas. Of course they were typical boys and threw firecrackers at each other... and me! I was not too happy about it but they sure got a good laugh about it! The nurse in me is very afraid of the large amount of fire that goes on during the 4th's festivities. I am a nervous person and I'm always afraid that someone is going to get badly hurt so when the boys are acting stupid and throwing fire at each other of course I get a little scared. Well, this year I was the one to get hurt. I was lighting a sparkler for a friend because the lighter kept burning her. Well, when the sparkler finally took it exploded on the side of my thumb. OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I threw the lighter out of my hand and it hit the car behind me. It hurt so bad!!! What's bad is that I am already a TOTAL baby about pain. I usually don't cry but I complain ALOT about how bad it hurts! It was driving my hubby crazy! I drove him so crazy that he told a VERY embarrassing story about me which gave the boys the idea to nickname me 'Strumpet'. I will not go into the story that he told because if I didn't want the group of people that I hang out with to know I certainly don't want to post it on here!!! Anyways, the day was absolutely awesome and I had so much fun. I met and hung out with a really cool girl, Alicia and I was surrounded by some of the most hilarious guys I've ever met! I wish I had pictures but I forgot my camera so I have none!! Bummer...

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