Monday, June 22, 2009

My new foster puppy!!!

Charlie's his name and playin' is his game! Oh boy! I forgot how much work it is to have a new baby puppy! It's so worth it but boy am I tired! Ok, here's the little man's story!

Some time last week my mom notify's me via facebook about this sweet little puppy that was running around in the street. She was on her way home from work and the little guy ran out in front of her and she almost hit him! YIKES! So she stopped and made him get out of the way and while she was doing that the lady that owned him came out and asked my mom if she knew anyone that wanted to take the little guy home because she just couldn't keep him any more. She said that he just keeps running out in the street and she just knows that one day she's gonna wake up and he will be flattened out in the street. She also said that she cant stop her toddler from running after him in the street! My first thought was "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS LADY? SHE CAN'T KEEP THE DOG IN HER FENCED BACKYARD?????" Then my next thought was "HOW IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR CHILD OUT OF THE STREET?! YOU ARE THE ADULT AND YOU CAN RUN FASTER!!!!!!!" Needless to say it made me really mad. I told my mom that I would talk to my hubby about it and I would let her know soon.
I talked to him as soon as he got home on friday night! I gave him the sad puppy dog eyes-which usually he can ignore- but for some reason he gave in. He said the only way we could go get the dog is if I promise that I will find a good home for it. I said "I already found a good home for it! Right here!!!" He was not pleased with that answer!! Well, he felt bad for the little guy and on Saturday night we went to my mom's house and got the little baby! It was love at first sight for me! I LOVE HIM!!!!! He is just so precious! He's a rambunctious little guy. The lady said his name is Charlie. I love that name and I don't even know why!!!
Anyways, we took him home all the way back to Tulsa and he was just as crazy in the car as he was outside! Oh, he was just so sweet! When we got home my other babies didn't think he was so sweet! As a matter of fact they didn't really like him at all!

That is the whole gang! My Bear (back), my Elliott (middle) and up front and center is Charlie!!!
My babies are having fun but they still don't really know why he's in our house. They give me looks that say "Mom, when is he leaving?" My boys can give some really pitiful looks lemme tell ya. They are very spoiled and they get lots of attention so they are definetly ready for the little man to go back where he came from. They don't think that we give them enough attention as it is, but now that the puppy is at the house they are really feeling attention deprived! Seriously though, they are getting alot of attention even with Charlie there. They are probably getting more attention than normal because I don't want them to fell left out.

That is my Bear and Charlie playing in the living room. Bear likes to play more than Elliott...

That is my Bear trying to figure out what that little monster is doing!!! He's probably up to no good!!!

Here's the little man getting some water after playing soooo hard!!! I love my little guy! I hope that he will stick around for awhile. I'm afraid that I will have to give him away to another home soon....

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